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Want to Purchase Ostrich Meat.

Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Want to Purchase Ostrich Meat.

The search engine has been implemented on this site. type "ostrich meat" into the search box for results. At the time of this posting the Association is just beginning open enrollment and member renewals. If the responses aren't adequate, please check back in 4-6 weeks. The data base is being continuously populated.
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Want to Purchase Ostrich Meat. was created by BigBirdGuy

This is an enquiry email via www.ostriches.org/ from:
Debra Shuman <>

I have food allergies. If I eat the same foods over and over, I become allergic to them. I need to start eating some unusual foods so I can eat more variety. I've searched the Internet and spoken to a number of butchers and have not been able to find anyone selling ostrich meat. I was hoping maybe your association would provide a list of ostrich ranchers, but I see that is not available at this time. I'm hoping maybe you could share my email address with people you know who would be able to sell ostrich meat to be shipped frozen to Pennsylvania. If you're able to do this, please ask them to put "ostrich meat" in the subject line so I'll know why I'm hearing from them. I'm also looking for emu meat, as emu are in a different family and a different order from ostrich and other meat animals. Thanks for any help you can provide.
NOTE: The AOA has eliminated lists and is in the process of installing an internal search engine to better find members by the categories they serve.
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