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Ostrich Rooster is eating the Hen's eggs

user205021 replied the topic: Ostrich Rooster is eating the Hen's eggs

After looking at all the responses and your additional attempts, I would agree that the problem is the Rooster and his habits, or clumsiness won't change. It is quite normal for ostrich to eat the yolks of any broken eggs. I don't feel that's a dietary deficiency in any way. It's like a treat, sort of a candy bar for them. Going back to the first responder I think the only solution is to pull the eggs in the evening right after they are laid and use an incubator to achieve hatch. You also could swap with another Rooster, but it's probably to late to do that now being so close to the season. The last item I'm curious about is whether the Rooster has been observed breeding the hen. If not then you have a bigger problem.

Guest - Peter replied the topic: Ostrich Rooster is eating the Hen's eggs

I have changed their rations abit by adding bonemeal and some course salt. which they are eating.
There were 3 eggs left in the nest which have been there for a long time which I broke.
They were rotten. All 3 birds arrived and gobbled all the youlks and shells up. I havnt seen the rooster myself breakk the eggs but have been told by my labour that its been him that breaks the eggs.
Ive also made 6 plaster of paris eggs for him to play with.I was told he will try and break them but eventualy will give up when hes unable to break them.

user949435 replied the topic: Ostrich Rooster is eating the Hen's eggs

I agree with everything that was said. Is the eating activity taking place in the nest? Are you sure it's the Rooster? Besides the consumption of the egg it would be good if you observed how the egg was broken. If you have a clumsy hen that is breaking the egg, I think it's normal that the Rooster and/or the Hen would eat the broken egg.

tewodvot replied the topic: Ostrich Rooster is eating the Hen's eggs

It may be that the bird is experiencing a nutritional deficiency and could use some added mineral and salt placed in the pen or feed ration. Also, the hen may be experiencing some calcium deficiency causing the eggshells to be more weak than normal. This can be addressed by adding oyster shell to the pen, usually in the same area as where the salt and mineral are placed. In chickens, the problem is sometimes remedied by adding extra protein and vitamins to the ration. However, it may be that the offending rooster has simply developed a bad habit that no dietary changes will stop -- requiring culling and replacement of that male or quick removal of the eggs from the nest and artificial incubation.

Guest- Peter created the topic: Ostrich Rooster is eating the Hen's eggs

I have an adult male osrich that keeps on eating the hens eggs.They have built a nest and every time there are about 7 eggs he breaks them and eats the whole thing.
They get fed daily with lucerne pellets, meel, and yellow maize.Twice a week they get sunflower mixed into their rasions.
Thanks Peter
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