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Breeding Age

Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Breeding Age

Generally there is no guaranteed definite time for the stars to align. You probably wouldn't know whether your birds are Blacks, Blues, Reds or a cross of any of these. Basically the time line you describe is accurate with some breeds being earlier and some later. The history of the parents while also not a guarantee is a reasonable place to make an assumption. Generally for first time breeders and often at the start of a new season the hen may be laying eggs before the Rooster has the ability to fertilize. Being a new Breeder stay the course you have. I suggest you might adjust your thinking to accept not being in control and this is agriculture being in control. Using the three year target is as good as any place to start, keeping in mind that the first season may be a few months late and should be considered a partial season. Better something than nothing. However, the second season will be more predictable and more complete.

Having said all that, think about other things that could affect breeding, fertility and production. Items like unseasonable weather, incompatability (they just don't like each other), not enough pen room, perhaps incubation failures etc. You mention new bloodlines? Sure but you only have the word of the seller because there are bird flippers that sell birds as well and maybe to someone who sold it to the Seller you purchased them from as well. You have a good start and will know what you started with so really stick to it, take the longer view rather then the rush view. The market is strong.
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Breeding Age was created by memb262830

So I have 5 month old Ostriches.

I've read that they will start breeding/laying eggs as early as 2 years for hens to as late as 3 years. I've read roosters are capable of fertilizing the eggs as early as 3 years to as late as 4 years.
Which age is right?

Do I need to trade or sell my roosters in order to get roosters a year older than my hens?

When can I actually expect them to start procreating? My chicks are supposed to have been hatched around April/May this year.

Since I have decided I enjoy the birds, I'd like to buy a pair that would be ready to breed next spring. Where can I find a breeder that would be interested in selling a pair, maybe even take a young'un or two in trade towards the pair. (We all need new bloodlines, don't we?)

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