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Ostrich Sales

Replied by wruvruio on topic Ostrich Sales

The AOA's efforts to promote ethical business practices is strongly applauded to insure a level of honesty, integrity, and transparency that will foster trustworthy networking relationships among all AOA members.
With a strong group of AOA members who are committed to abiding by the CODE OF ETHICS, efforts by those with dishonorable intentions who may critically speak or act against the AOA or misrepresent themselves in any way to its board and/or members will quickly reveal themselves as being in opposition to such efforts. In the new chapter of the AOA, there is a commitment to support the AOA trade association as a whole as it moves forward to continue improving benefits for its members.
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Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Ostrich Sales

Membership in the AOA is guided by a code of ethics. If any individuals have had contact with an Ostrich seller (member or not) that they believe misrepresented actual facts in a proposed or completed transaction please report it here with as much detail as possible. Additional information that the individual may consider confidential can be privately sent by e-mail to: to be reviewed. Please type "CONFIDENTIAL" as the leading word in the subject line of your e-mail and it will be directly routed for review to the appropriate committee Chairperson. Thank you.
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Replied by Guest on topic Ostrich Sales

Please provide more detailed information. It is very important that unethical business people be brought to the attention of all ostrich ranchers.
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Ostrich Sales was created by Anonymous

There has been recent discussion between ranchers regarding individuals that may be misleading buyers. In some cases there may be multiple sellers for the same birds and age verification may not be accurate.
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