Reply: How do you determine if your birds are 'up to weight'?

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  • BigBirdGuy

Legs contain the majority of the meat. Ostrich don't all grow the same. I can't comment on your feed recipe. On the surface it appears to be fine, but I'm not a nutritionist. As you are probably aware, ostrich are tough survivors and can exist on almost any available type of range feed. Finding the right diet for appearance and weight would yield many different opinions.

  • memb262830

Do Ostriches carry any meat on their rib cage? Like chicken breast?

Where do you check your birds to determine what their condition is? Palpate back or go by the leg/thigh area?

Some of my birds seem to be in better condition than others....what am I looking for to determine if they are doing as well as they ought?

9 approx. 5 month old birds are being fed about 30 pounds of half chick start/half alfalfa pellets plus a couple pounds each of cracked corn and whole oats. They are grazing in a 1.5 acre paddock of Bermuda grass. They normally have a little feed left by the end of the day. They are bright eyed and curious.