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Haley Nam replied the topic: incubation

I'd like to know how to sort out fertile eggs from non-fertile eggs for incubation.
My father owns an ostrich farm in South Korea, and he is the first person who imported ostriches to S. Korea about 20 years ago. He is still struggling how to find out if an egg is fertile or not.

Any good advice?
Please help me.

All comments are appreciated.

BigBirdGuy replied the topic: incubation

I agree with the member and the time frame. I noted you asked this question in September. The incubation and raising of the chicks is not a year round activity. Additionally, the only guarantee of a fertile egg is when a small starting embryo can be observed when candling. But that is a whole other story.

user524565 replied the topic: incubation

Usually if a fertile egg is held between 45 and 50 degrees you have approximately 7-10 days to get it to an incubator.

Guest - Tinkerbird created the topic: incubation

if i have fertilised ostrich eggs...do i need to start the incubation immediately or can i keep them on hold for a few weeks?
Kind wishes
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