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Gold Business Membership

What is a Mini-Website?

Instead of publishing ineffective lists of members and categories as in the past, the AOA has aggressively adopted new technology to help their members get found independently on the Internet. These professional AOA Gold member mini-websites will contain photos and information submitted from the members themselves and will appear as an independent website on the internet. These sites will also be found on all the major Internet search engines without having to locate the AOA website and search there. Members can submit unlimited changes and photos to the mini-site throughout the year for a small annual maintenance fee that is included in their Gold renewal.

The AOA is providing this low cost option so that our member’s information will always be available and can be contacted directly by individuals searching the internet. The AOA believes in a level playing field for all ostrich industry participants. Offering this low cost option provides the opportunity for all our members (large and small) to attract and conduct business in a fair and balanced marketplace.

The AOA is your national trade association and we will continue to invest in technology and provide the services you expect. We’re here for you! Suggestions and questions are always welcome. Please E-mail us at: .

The Gold Membership in Summary:

  • An exclusive mini-website set up to represent your ostrich related business.
  • A custom domain name, i.e. SomeBusinessName.com.
  • Your content, your photos and a dedicated AOA mini-site created for your Ostrich-related business for a very small one time set-up fee.
  • In addition to the mini-site being found on the AOA website search, it will also be found independently on the internet.
  • By just filling out a few simple forms it comes together quickly. You may also make unlimited changes, updates, add new photos, etc. by just filling out a simple change order/support ticket.

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